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Product Details

◆Inverter welding: Inverter frequency 2000HZ;
◆With a temperature monitoring system: When the temperature
  temperature machine;
◆With the overheating protection: to prevent damage due to high
  the rated current of the machine;
◆With overcurrent protection: to prevent damage due to exceeding
  phase effect, and even damage to the machine;
◆With phase protection: to prevent the work affect the welding
  to work more stable;
◆With air cooling system: host and cable with air cooling system
  multi-pulse welding, suitable for all kinds of steel welding;
◆Has three pulse welding: single pulse welding, double welded,
◆Gun with L,X Gun;
◆With LED display: more intuitive operation;
◆Inverter welding: Inverter frequency 2000HZ。